Welcome to GSTOP Business Directory. We strive to support all of our in-house businesses and we encourage you to do the same. These businesses must be in good financial standing with the church for listing. In order to receive, you must give. Thanks in advance.

Business Directory

Homemade Candles
  • Contact: Kevin or Tasha Tezeno
  • Phone: 817-915-3399
Independent Scentsy Family Director
  • Contact: Mae B Williams
  • Phone: (817)688-7023
Jenk3 Photography
  • Contact: Guy Jenkins
  • Phone: 817-228-5814
Jenk3 Printing
  • Contact: Deondra Jenkins
  • Phone: 817-228-4929
The Major Funeral Home
  • Contact: Tasha Tezeno
  • Phone: 817-915-3399